3 Underwatched/Underrated Anime [LIST]

Underrated/Underwatched anime are also known as Hidden Gems in the anime community. However, this is pretty subjective. This is just my list of 3 Underwatched and Underrated Anime. These are not in any order.

1) Gakkou Gurashi (School-Live)

Top 10 anime betrayals: This OP. Fun Fact: The OP changes slightly each episode, ya gotta look for details.

When planning to watch this, do not look at the synopsis, reviews, and any trailers. This anime is best watched ‘blinded’. Watching this during the COVID-19 pandemic really hits different. Trust me. This is going to be a wild ride.

2) The Great Pretender

I just can’t help but show this PV. The art-style is 10/10. I love this show.

The Great Pretender is currently airing and it is probably one of the most underwatched shows this season. If you are a fan of Freddie Mercury, then the name will most probably ring a bell as it does have Freddie’s solo as the ED. This anime is animated by Wit Studio (who have animated extremely popular titles such as Attack on Titan) in collaboration in Netflix (which have done a really good job in its anime investments. I’ll write an article about this later). To keep spoilers minimal, I’ll just say that the anime is about con artists doing bad things for good reasons (thus the name, Great Pretender. Unless the anime is entire based on the song).

3) Princess Principal

It was very hard to skip this OP. And yes, there’s some mild shoujo-ai but it isn’t the main focus.

The title makes you think that this anime is just going to be a normal school anime featuring a princess. However, this anime is completely different from that. With Steampunk settings, impressive storytelling, anime girls as spies, and no male MC, Princess Principal is a breath of fresh air for some people.


And that ends my list for 3 Underwatched/Underrated anime. Of course, there are many more out there (obviously) and I am thinking about making a series out of this. Please tell me other anime that you think are underrated/underwatched in the comments. That can help other viewers and myself. Have a nice time binging!

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  1. So, from this list, what are YOU going to watch? (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

    Edit: Should this also be a series? It’s pretty fun making these lists. But I’ll rename it to Hidden Gems (because it’s shorter).

  2. Spice & Wolf got me into liking economics and investing as well as wanting to write about peaceful interactions and sights of the medieval period beyond knights, quests, kings, queens and combat. I think it is so underrated for the peace of mind that it brings and a must-watch. I also think more seasons should be made. P.S. I’m so slow at writing I’ll never have a book.

    1. I’m taking Economics as a subject so thanks for the recommendation! I’ve heard of Spice and Wolf before but before I took economics, I didn’t really think about watching it. After seeing quite a lot of Reddit memes and people recommending the anime, its about time I watch it


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