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I stumbled upon Asobi Asobase when watching videos of funny anime scenes on Youtube. When I first saw it, I knew that it was going to be a blast and in the end, I wasn’t wrong. Asobi Asobase is probably the craziest take on CGDCT I’ve seen yet.

During recess, Olivia, a foreign transfer student who doesn’t know English, plays a game of “look-the-other-way” with Hanako Honda, a loud-mouthed airhead. Their rowdy behavior spurs the ire of Kasumi Nomura, a deadpan loner constantly teased by her older sister for her tendency to lose games. Not willing to compete, Kasumi declines Olivia’s offer to join the fun, but eventually gets involved anyway and dispenses her own brand of mischief. Soon, a strange friendship blossoms between the peculiar trio, and they decide to form the “Pastime Club,” where they are free to resume their daily hijinks…

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“Who are you, so wise in the ways of culture?”

Story: 7/10

Asobi Asobase sits on a fine line between being a CGDCT anime and not being a CGDCT anime. On one end, it does not have much plot, it mainly focuses on a group of cute girls and it has comedic elements. On the other end, the anime is so strange and ‘action-packed’ it really does make you question if this is really a CGDCT anime.

Animation/Art: 9/10

The animation/art for Asobi Asobase is one of the best I’ve seen. The anime takes a more bright approach when it comes to the color pallete and there is not much to the surroundings. However, this is compensated by the GODLY animation for the characters.

Sound: 7/10

The soundtrack for Asobi Asobase is pretty average and there is not much to take note of. On the other hand, the OP and ED are a completely different story. The OP makes it seem that the anime is a cute shoujo-ai, (In essence, my point here is that the OP is all lies). The ED is though, is hands-down, one of the best SoL EDs I’ve ever seen in my life (the ED itself contributes A LOT to my rating).

This basically sums up the characters in a nutshell (and why I love this show). This doesn’t really count as a spoiler.

Characters: 10/10

As with other CGDCT anime, the lack of character development is compensated with character personality and Lerche nailed this perfectly. You have the main characters, side characters, and the gender-less black hole. It is hard to describe the main characters of Asobi Asobase so I’m just going to summarize them in this statement: “If you don’t think they’re insane, then I don’t know what is insane for you”

Overall: 8/10

Asobi Asobase truly shines as a Slice of Life anime. It takes its comedy and character personalities on a new level. I would recommend this if you’re looking for a comedy anime as Slice of Life does not really cover the amount of insanity you’ll see in this anime.

Authors Note: I’ve been very inactive lately due to personal reasons but I’ll do my best to put out as much content as possible. As always, please leave suggestions in the comments as to how I can improve and what I should review next. Until next time!


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