Anime Review: Ixion Saga DT

I’ve always been interested in the isekai genre. It strangely attract me despite being known for being repetitive, unoriginal or just plain boring. It’s a shame that Ixion Saga DT was not mentioned in any of the isekai lists that I read because it is probably one of the better isekais out there.

The game and anime follow Kon Hokaze, a boy who embarks on a journey from our world to an alternate world known as Mira, which is full a mysterious energy known as Alma. After saving Princess Ecarlate from attackers, he soon finds himself in the middle of a struggle around Alma.

MyAnimeList Synopsis
A scene from the first half the the anime

Story: 7/10

Even though Ixion Saga DT was made in 2012 (a period where isekai anime was not so mainstream) it still made fun of the isekai genre, pointing and making fun of cliches -which [not surprisingly] hasn’t aged well. There are A LOT of comedy aspects to the show that will surely make your [almost] laugh your balls off. In the span of 25 episodes, we get to see how the characters develop during their journey. However, there were some parts that in my opinion would be better left out as it can get a bit annoying.

Animation/Art: 5/10

Brain’s Base has been known for producing lots of really popular anime such as Durarara!!, Oregairu and D-Frag. However, the art and animation of Ixion Saga DT is pretty average. The character designs and color palette seem a bit old for a 2012 anime.

Sound: 6/10

There’s nothing much which is memorable from the soundtrack but DAMN the OP and ED are [as Gigguk would say] bangers. The OP and ED add to the comedy of the anime, which you have to watch yourself if you want to know more. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Characters: 9/10

This is where Ixion Saga DT shines the most. All characters have a different personality (well one is a futa) and their names are also comedic in a sense (Kon was normally referred to as DT by the antagonists and that is an abbreviation of doutei which is Japanese slang for male virgin). Not only do we get insight on the lives of the MCs but we also get insight on the lives of the antagonists which takes an unexpected turn.

Overall: 7/10

The bottom line is that this anime, despite not being mentioned in any lists at all, is better than a your current modern average isekai. I would recommend watching this show If you’re looking for something to laugh at and enjoy action. If I were to recommend anime which is similar to this, then you can check out KonoSuba.


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